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    Kitchens and Catering

    All Gump housing has kitchen facilities, with catering service available on request.

Kitchens and Catering

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All housing options have access to kitchen facilities. A full catering service is available for groups on request. 

  • Rats, mice, ants, and roaches are a problem if cooking areas and other places with food are not kept scrupulously clean. Please clean all surfaces and put all food away (including unpeeled fruit). Put trash out every night in a closed bag in the large trash bins in the unit behind the Research Building and be sure to close the door (so dogs do not pull over the bins). 
  • The stoves use propane from small tanks. If the propane runs out, change the tank and make sure that the empty tank gets exchanged for a full one.
  • At the end of your stay please clean out your food from the shelves and fridges.