get started on formalities

Get started on Formalities

Steps to complete before you arrive in French Polynesia

Get started on Formalities

Applications to Use the Gump Station

There are two steps for applying to use the Gump Station and making reservations :

  1. Applications
  2. Reservations

Applications must be completed by the project/class leader (in the online RAMS system) before they or any members of their group can make a reservation. Once this has been done, Reservations can be made (in the online RAMS system) by individuals approved by the project leader.

Having a reservation at the Gump Station does not give users the right to carry out any activities covered by local, national, or international regulations. Each user is responsible for determining what other authorizations they might need.

Government Regulations

Authorizations are highly dependent on the individual and the project. Users have the primary responsibility to ensure that they and their projects have all required authorizations - Gump Station can assist but ultimately it is up to the project leader to ensure their project is compliant and that all participants have the appropriate paperwork for participating in the activity in French Polynesia. 

As a general overview of what might be needed, authorizations apply at:

  • Individual level (depending on your personal situation, such as your nationality)
  • Project level (depending on the purpose and activities of your project)

Individual-level authorizations include permission to enter the country for research/teaching purposes ("convention d'accueil"), visas, and work permits. It is up to each person to determine what documentation they need to come to French Polynesia based on their individual status (e.g., nationality) and the activity they wish to carry out.

Project-level authorizations include procedures, such as applications to study protected species or to export specimens covered by CITES. These are generally completed by the project leader or their representative.