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    Emergency Services Numbers
    15 - SAMU | 18 - Fire Station | 17 - Police
    16 - Emergencies at sea (or


Last modified: Friday, December 1, 2023

French Polynesia is generally a very safe place to visit.  There is no malaria although dengue fever (also mosquito-borne) is a periodic problem.  

Probably the most common problems are cuts and grazes that can quickly become infected in the tropical environment and so they should be cleaned and treated immediately (even if apparently very minor).  Over-exposure to heat and sun should also be avoided.


Emergency Services Numbers
SAMU Service d'Aide Medicale Urgente - Ambulance 15
Pompier - Fire Station 18
Police 17
Secours en Mer - sea rescue 16 or



For non-emergencies:

  • If you have a minor problem, there is a First Aid kit in the dorm and the Pharmacist in Maharepa is helpful.
  • For a more serious problem, call a local doctor. A list of Moorea doctors is below.

    Pharmacy hours:

    • The doctors hours are: Mon-Fri 7-12 and 2-6; Sat 7-12 and 5-6
    • The Pharmacy in Maharepa is nearby, and open everyday.
      • M - F : 7am - 12:15 / 2 - 6pm
      • Sat. : 7:30am - 12:15 / 2:30pm - 4:30pm
      • Sun. : 8 - 11am
  • For weekends and holidays, consult the list of on-duty doctors.
Doctor Phone Location Practice
BARRAILLE Dominique Pk 27 c/mer Hauru Haapiti, Moorea General medicine
BUSSEUIL Brigitte Centre Kikipa, Maharepa, Moorea General medicine
DUBAYLE Pierre Paopao, Moorea Radiology
GALLEZOT Dorothee Centre Noha, Maharepa, Moorea General medicine
GAUDARD Franck Pk 6,2 c/mont, Maharepa, Moorea General medicine
GEVOLDE Marie-paule Pk 6 c/mont, Maharepa, Moorea General medicine
JOUVE Jean-Marc Pk 6,2 c/mont, Maharepa, Moorea General medicine
LEJEUNE Augustin-Laurent 40.56.30-31 Pk 6 c/mont, Maharepa, Moorea General medicine
PERCHOC Yann Centre medical, Afareaitu, Moorea General medicine
SMAGGHUE Olivier Maharepa, Moorea Cardiology
UZEL-Zito Maharepa, Moorea Opthamology