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    on how it changes your travel to and research in French Polynesia.

Last modified: Monday, October 31, 2022

Procedures and Information for Gump Station Operations related to the Covid-19 pandemic

As most COVID restrictions are lifted in French Polynesia, California, and around the world, the Gump Station maintains continued prudence as operations return back to normal.

  • All users are required to be fully vaccinated and to test negative on an antigen test within the 12 hours before checking in at the Station.

To minimize the chance of outbreaks, users are encouraged to self-test again on day 5 of their stay and thereafter to maintain regular self-testing. Anyone testing positive should notify Gump Station staff and self-isolate until they test negative again.  

  • The Gump Station reserves the right to reintroduce previous mandatory COVID policies (e.g., testing, the wearing of masks indoors, and/or other social distancing measures) in the event of new variants and/or high rates of transmission on Tahiti or Moorea.

As of August 2022 there are little or no restrictions on travel to/from French Polynesia, but please review the latest travel instructions:

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