If you are (a) staying longer than 90 days visa waiver period (e.g., as a U.S. citizen) or (b) for any length of stay if you are citizen of a country that is not part of the visa waiver program, you must to apply for a Carte de Séjour - scientific. This must be done at the French consulate closest to your place of residence at least 2 months prior to your planned visit .

In order to apply for the Carte de Séjour, you must first obtain the Protocole d’Accueil issued by French Polynesia and a Letter of Guarantee from the Gump Station. You must do this before going to your nearest consulate. You might need the original documents so be sure to apply early enough for Gump Station to send them to you (at your expense).


Documents needed to apply for (or renew) a Carte de Séjour

  • Two photocopies of the application form, dated and signed by applicant, each with attached passport photos (3.5 X 4.5 cm).
  • Two photocopies of the main identity pages, showing the identity, photo and expiration date.  Also, for those making their first request, copies of the pages showing the stamp with the date of arrival in French Polynesia and the visa obtained at the consulate.
  • Protocol d'accueil for a researcher or teacher-researcher which must be dated and signed by the researcher, a Gump Station administrator, and the mayor of Moorea.
  • Proof of social and medical coverage in French Polynesia:
    • photocopy of card CPS (PF), or
    • attestation of social security coverage (France), or
    • a certificate of health insurance coverage, which must be valid durring the entire stay (USA).
  • Proof of the personal financial resources:
    • Bank statements, pay slips, pension statements, etc. from the past 3 months, or
    • An attestation of the honor of care from a financial guarantor. The guarantor must provide proof of identity and proof of financial resources. (ie. Personal financial statements for the last 3 months such as bank statements or pay slips, pension etc ...)
  • Proof of residence in PF:
    • A photocopy of the rental lease, or
    • An attestation of accommodation from the host organization.

Renewals: your Carte de Séjour must be renewed each year in Papeete.

Anyone holding a carte de sejour must renew it 2 months before it expires.  Along with the renewal application, a new protocole d'accueil, and a new/updated set of the above-mentioned documents and two photocopies of the current residence permit (double-sided).

Liste des documents à joindre à une demande de carte de séjour (SCIENTIFIQUE).pdf
Liste des documents à joindre à une demande de carte de séjour (SCIENTIFIQUE).pdf



Those issued a short stay, type C "Schengen" visa by the consulate should also reclaim their original protocole d’accueil as you will need both documents to enter French Polynesia.   

If you are staying for longer than 90 days (long stay, type D visa, also called Carte de Sejour) after you arrive in French Polynesia, you must go to the immigration office (DRCL - Direction de la Réglèmentation et du Contrôle de la Légalité) in Papeete within two months of your arrival with:

  • a valid passport
  • two photos (passport-size)
  • a 9,000 CFP timbre fiscale (tax stamp}

The DRCL office will then issue a Carte de Sejour Mention Scientifique (temporary scientific residence card).





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