Online Application System - RAMS

The principal investigator, conference organizer, or class leader must select the nature of their project:

  • OTHER (conference, workshop, outreach activity, meeting...)

and submit an application through RAMS

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Just making an exploratory visit?

If you are making a visit to explore potential projects and not actually carry out the project at this time, please fill out the application under the appropriate category (research, university class, other) indicating this is an exploratory visit.

Carrying out Research + Teaching at same time?

In the case of a class where an instructor (professor, graduate student) are also conducting research during their time at the Gump Station, they should submit a separate RESEARCH application for their personal project (in addition to the general Class application). The Reservation should be made under the class application, assuming the class is paying for their usage.


Last modified
Thursday, February 8, 2018