Details not to be overlooked: Everything listed in the 'formalities' section of the guide must be completed before you come to Moorea. All users must also sign the Waiver (or the Group Waiver).

Use guidelines

Gump Station follows procedures developed by UC Berkeley’s Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Office. All users are required to familiarize themselves with the "Use Guidelinesthe Orientation Form and the Waiver before arrival. On arrival, users must check-in at Reception (please email before arrival to confirm a check-in time) sign the Waiver and acknowledge they have reviewed the Orientation Form.

Travel to, around, and beyond...

Tahiti is readily accessible from the east and west coast USA, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Direct, non-stop flight times are about 8 hours from Los Angeles (daily flights) and Sydney, 5 hours from Auckland and Honolulu, 12 hours from New York.