The Atitia Center on the southern half of the University of California property on Moorea is operated in collaboration with community-based organization Association Te Pu 'Atiti'a, which aims to inspire, teach, and reconnect Polynesian youth with their biocultural heritage.

Te Pu 'Atiti'a is largely made up of local educators, including many school teachers, and traditional experts, who believe that preserving oral traditions and hands-on learning experiences of Polynesian culture should be foremost in the transmission of knowledge. 

The protection of Polynesia's rich heritage is critical for the building of healthy, resilient, and thriving island economies. The Atitia Center helps to build local capacity for transmitting traditional and scientific knowledge in an integrated pedagogical framework.

Gump Station researchers are encouraged to contribute their expertise to these efforts. The Atitia Center offers meaningful engagement with the local community, providing an excellent way to strengthen the broader impacts of research projects. 

3 interlocking missions

Outreach Activities at Atitia

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