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So, what's a 'typical' day for a Gump grad student?

Emma Strand on the Gump Station dock

Emma Strand, PhD student

"...in the field, a 'typical' day would include either scuba diving or snorkeling to collect coral fragments to bring them back to the laboratory to collect physiological data on their performance. I work in a dynamic environment, where projects are constantly changing and developing. A 'typical' week in March doesn’t look anything like a 'typical' week in August, and that is one of my favorite parts of the job!"

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Dana Cook and Lauren Enright

Dana Cook, LTER grad student

For a typical day of field work in Moorea, we wake up, get some food in our bellies, get the boat loaded up with dive gear and any research material we’ll need. It might be mesh cages, rebar, a hammer and chisel, or for surveying, gear for setting up transects and underwater paper. I also spend a good amount of time just following individual fish around, watching their behavior, which sometimes can feel a little weird by hour 9

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