FAIR Island Project

The FAIR Island Project is building a model research data management system that feeds data across stakeholders, linking metadata, repositories and institutions, and allowing for notifications and verification, real-time reporting, automated compliance, and guaranteed provenance. This system will provide a unique, controlled environment where research is coordinated (through the Tetiaroa Society) with an optimal data policy for open access, mandatory registration requirements for all research projects, and data management plans containing controlled vocabularies and identifiers implementing global standards wherever possible.

The goal is to translate the broader FAIR principles into a set of specific requirements and implementable activities that demonstrate how good data management practices and policies accelerate research for the benefit of all stakeholders. By examining the impact of implementing optimal research data management policies and requirements, this project is giving researchers the opportunity to look at the outcomes of strong data policies at a working field station. It also offers a real-world example to prove the capabilities of machine-actionable data management plans (maDMPs) and to analyse the downstream effects of these policies in the resulting release of data.

Over a longer term, this project aims to extend the policies and infrastructure developed in this partnership to other field stations including those administered by University of California (e.g., through the UC Natural Reserve System). The research community on Tetiaroa is international (France/EU, NZ, UK, US, ....) and connects across many scientific networks, thus contributing to the advancement of open science on a global scale.

If you’d like to help with data policies or technical architecture, or if you're interested in subscribing to the FAIR Island Project newsletter, please contact info@FAIRIsland.org.

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