Hannah Stewart

Gump Station

Hannah holds a Masters degree from CSUN for research at Catalina Island under the direction of Bob Carpenter and Peter Edmunds. She was a graduate fellow of the Gump Station during her field work in Moorea for her dissertation at UC Berkeley with Mimi Koehl. She then had a joint post-doc appointment at the University of California Santa Barbara with the Santa Barbara Coastal Kelp LTER working with Dan Reed and with the Moorea Coral Reef LTER with Sally Holbrook and Russell Schmitt in Moorea. Hannah then spent a year as the Friday Harbor Labs post-doc at the University of Washington, before coming back to work in Moorea at CRIOBE as the Attaché Temporaire de Recherche et d'Enseignement. Hannah was a researcher with the BioCode Program on Moorea and the Scientist-in-Residence on Tetiaroa for the Tetiaroa Society. She has taught field courses for UC Berkeley and UCLA in Moorea and lead field research programs in waters of British Columbia for the Government of Canada. She has investigated remote atolls in the Gambiers, was recently the scientist on the Fa'faite Tahitian sailing canoe through the Austral Islands for the Pew Foundation.  Hannah is also an offshore sailor, having sailed from Vancouver to Tahiti, Hawaii and back, an avid mountain biker, skiier and surfer. She lives off the grid in the mountains near Vancouver, BC when not on Moorea or Tahiti.