David Hembry

David Hembry
University of California Berkeley, University of Arizona

I am a graduate student in Rosemary Gillespie and George Roderick's lab at the University of California, Berkeley. I am interested in evolutionary biology and the patterns and processes that generate and maintain biological diversity, particularly the interrelationship between coevolution and diversification. I am currently investigating the phylogenetics and ecology of a co-radiation of plants (Phyllanthaceae: Glochidion) and their obligate pollinating moths (Gracillariidae: Epicephala) across volcanic islands in eastern Polynesia.

I. Coevolution and diversification: phylogeny of Glochidion and Epicephala in eastern Polynesia and the Pacific Basin

II. Mutualism and diversification: Evolution of Epicephala-Phyllanthaceae associations

III. Origin of mutualism: Phylogeny of the Gracillariidae and origins of seed-feeding and pollination in Epicephala